What is IMServicesReviewed?

IMServicesReviewed is a completely non-biased review resource that offers online content providers to be evaluated and ranked as the best in their category. We publish a number of third party product reviews from SEO and content service providers to SMM, Email and PPC service providers.

What makes us independent?

At IMServicesReviewed, we understand how important autonomous reviews are when it comes to authenticity. An independent opinion is more valuable than a paid one which does not take a service’s customer value into account. That is why we are not affiliated with any third party agencies or government entities or non-profit organizations which might compromise the integrity of our reviews and undermine our impartiality.

How are services scored and where do you get your information from?

In order to remain as unbiased as possible we collect information that covers all aspects of a service. This includes performance, services provided, price options, ease of use, turnaround time, customer service among others. This information is gleaned from information provided by satisfied and unsatisfied customers of the services which also finds its way into their reviews.

How are services ranked?

Each of the services that are featured on the website are prime contenders in their respective industries and our process for selecting them relies on organic reviews from a number of satisfied customers. Our process of selection revolves around this data to ensure we keep providing the most relevant advice and information for users. We also remain aware of the types of projects that companies we rank are involved in via testimonials and updated reviews. Our ranking system is also used to benchmark and compare each service for the benefit of users.

Are the reviews updated?

Since market demand, services and products change overtime, we regularly updated product listings and reviews in order to provide the most relevant information. A service’s score and ranking can also change during the update process and if they introduce new services. If new features and protocols are added to the evaluation process, the review criteria will be updated accordingly.