SearchBerg has one of the most easiest to use websites we have seen so far. In a nutshell, SearchBerg is a great company that is quickly establishing itself as a market leader because of their natural SEO methods. The web design of their website is very simple – it caters perfectly to SearchBerg’s target market which is small to mid-sized businesses that are looking to create a better online impact without having to spend too much.

SearchBerg is one of the most affordable natural SEO companies out there. They have built their reputation off a modern approach of generating great search rankings for their clients through content development that is interesting. Their sales and support team explains the process and methods in a non-technical manner which helps. Most importantly, the results they deliver are incomparable because they drive organic, high value traffic through quality of content. Search engines have worked hard to ensure that their ranking cannot be manipulated which has given room for natural SEOs like SearchBerg to get better results than traditional SEOs.

You can get started with SearchBerg at a much lower price than most of the competition and immediately begin seeing their results. They are also very forthright about their successes in different industries. Their clients aren’t huge companies but they have a lot of clients (more than 400 at last count). We were impressed with the results they offered and their customer-centric approach.


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    William M. Vanburen

    Speed up your brand’s reach. Check. Increase the amount of impact for your content by making it seen when it has a high probability of getting more views. Check. Offers related to your businesses or company are made easy to share. Check. Increase reader appreciation of whatever you post or share on your profile. Check. Giving your efforts of networking a boost. Check. Become the reader’s preference by reaching a leading position in the industry through posting what the audience wants. Check. Maintain a profile in the digital market that will continue to bring more customers, likes, subscribers, shares, views, even after a long period of time. Check. Building a relationship of trust with your customers. Check. Search Berg’s social media management, or SMM, service willingly provides all this and more with their powerful strategies appropriate to the social media business. Their research, analysis, development of content as well as its distribution, optimizing and building profiles on social media, managing the community of your business or company, branding, as well as building a reputation, and others provides a potentially good recipe for businesses, companies, or industries looking to invest in social media management or SMM for short.

    Search Berg’s social media management (SMM) service offers weekly/monthly reporting in detail, daily/weekly postings on different social media platforms, involves community participation and engagement, a dynamic network that includes your target audience, generation of likes and followers, not to mention a devoted account manager just for your project. With the social media management (SMM) service starting from $199, Search Berg seems pretty affordable for businesses and companies alike.

    Peggy M. Jones

    I don’t know where to start, but my experience with Search Berg was quite unconventional. My website was a mess, I didn’t know a single thing about SEO, but I wanted this to work. I tried for so long to fix things on my own, assuming that I’m probably not updating my blog as frequently as it requires. Went through several tutorials and videos as well as a range of articles to learn how to attract people to my site and have them do this and that – all a waste of time. By the end of it all, I was more desperate than I was before and so hopeless that I had almost decided to give up on the idea of generating passive income for myself.

    Right before my final decision to surrender, I came across Search Berg’s website, and to this day I praise the Lord for getting me to bump into them. Just for the record, I am not a person who would spend a whole lot of money on a venture, before even getting some money out of it – I like to keep it risk-free. That is why Search Berg struck me as a good option to test my luck with, as they offer their expertise for very little price. Their work was top-notch and I was finally able to breathe when my stats sheet started showing exciting progress!

    I would gladly say that I am one of their happy clients and I would keep going back to Search Berg for all of my digital marketing needs in the future.

    Sherri M. Peters

    A Service that brings excellence with affordability

    Not many companies believe in the affordability when it comes to providing excellent SEO services. The pleasure is worth mentioning when our company’s expected results were achieved within budget and just in few days. That wouldn’t have possible without investing in the expertise of an exceptional SEO service provider – The Search berg!

    From the top position in the search engine to meeting the sale target for the business are just a few of the reasons we recently celebrated for. Thanks to the Search berg for their exclusive knowledge and in-depth expertise in digital marketing strategies which made our business flourish in a way, we had never seen before.

    Their affordability was first concerning as we were expecting a low-quality service in return but their dynamic team and advanced market analysis proved otherwise. They set their line of track with the use of white-hat SEO tools including, keyword search and optimization, competitive analysis, client’s website analysis, identifying client’s target audience and even researching their competitors.

    Their valuable insight with regards to SEO techniques as well as optimization strategy is an undeniable measure, in making our company achieve its expected results. Their team support in devising the best optimization strategy and shape each step in accordance with client’s objective. Their aggressive technology helped us in developing an approach to get an edge over our competitors. The Search berg is unique in its expertise and easily stand out from its competitors. Being a satisfied customer, we truly recommend Search berg digital marketing services and expect to use more of their expertise for our complex marketing campaigns in near future.

    Carolyn J. Izzo

    Search Berg are a life saver

    Ever since I graduated I wanted to start my business and after all the hard work of setting up there I was waiting for customers. I was losing faith that web is the new arena to market because I was not able to get much response on my social media. On the verge of quitting I came across Search Berg. I had seen social media managers before but what made me try their service out was the fact that they reflected certain warmth for small businesses. Or maybe it was in the stars.

    It was however a change of fortune. I was really impressed by the knowledge of their team and when they pointed out all the wrong things I had done to my business I was shocked to have been so naïve. It is to their credit that now I actually know how the social media works and what gets traffic to you. Search Berg are experts and not just that, they are experts at sending traffic towards you.

    They have a ton of solutions for all sorts of businesses. They are really reasonably priced and I believe they are the best option for new businesses. All those new kids on the block can take a deep breath. Search Berg has got your back. They are real standard setters.

    I owe them a great deal for all their work, their quality and most of all, their work ethic.

    Sue M. Ojeda

    Search Berg is a key reason of the success I have today

    What we fresh graduates are mostly concerned about in establishing businesses is that there are vendors out their ready to take advantage of our inexperience. I had heard tons of stories of agencies intimidating entrepreneurs and squeezing money out of their pockets.

    Search Berg turned out nothing like that. Our partnership is possibly the best thing my business faced because I never experienced that my money was being squeezed out or I was being misled for higher service bills. What actually makes me praise them is the understanding and easiness they work with. I feel Search Berg is made for young businesses like mine.

    PPC was a core part of my entire digital marketing program and I was nervous that budgets would have to be stretched to afford their service. Search Berg turned out cost and time effective and in weeks, sales and website traffic picked up pace. Their pitches, placements and content are really cost effective. Because they understood my business and its capabilities and served me accordingly, I had no reason to worry and could focus on my operations.

    They are a team of great professionals who perform with a deep customer understanding and orientation. In truth they are the partners of my success. They owned my idea and not only performed digital marketing but also helped me devise a future strategy that shall keep their effort sustainable and fruitful in the future as well. All I can finish this with is that I would really recommend Search Berg to young entrepreneurs who look for someone to have faith in their initiatives.

    Bobby L. McMillin

    The PPM plan by Search Berg worked well for us
    Before we got in touch with Search Berg, we had stranded on the point where we didn’t know about what to do with our website. It is imperative to inform you that we are a medium scale business which was seeing saturation in its sell and was trying to find new market spaces to promote business. In quest of new business opportunities, we developed our website from a software company which then came out clueless about what to do with it. Then we got to know about Search Berg, which we were told that, providing digital solutions to businesses like us who are not very well versed with digital platforms.

    We had some initial meetings and consultations with them and they successfully convinced us about their digital marketing prowess. Once we were tied in partnership, they composedly understood our business model first and then devised a strategy consequently. The content furnished by them was not only in line with defining the intricacies of our business but also very creative and striking. Their matrix of keyword infused so organically in content that we started to see traffic on our website and not only that, very serious and good business clientele contacted us through our website. It killed the skepticism and concerns we had with the pay per click (PPC) strategy. They did not only convince us to opt it, they also showed us its successful execution. We now allocate some of our budget to PPC because with small investments we are getting hefty returns.

    Eddie K. Melton

    Our small business got much needed boost from their PPC strategy

    There is a stereotype about small businesses that they are not technology savvy and that they don’t want assistance for their businesses from the web. Interestingly, we are the reason why this typecasting is still convincing because we were small scale business and we were also oblivious to the prowess of online world.

    But the buzz of online marketing was so strong that even small business started to opt it. When our local peers also jumped onto the bandwagon of web, we got concerned and started to find the companies who could guide businesses like us who were not familiar with the details of online business.

    Our search was very laborious because we couldn’t find any company who was reasonable and whose work manner we could understand but finally luck stuck in our favor and we reached Search Berg. At that point of time we had developed a cynicism about digital companies, but Search Berg worked with us on many different levels to eliminate this feeling. They offered us very reasonable price for their services in comparison to the quotations we got form other companies. They taught us the ins and outs of pay per click (PPC) in very simple manner so that we agreed to avail their PPC plan.

    In the beginning, we were not expecting any monetary return from that but we were genuinely surprised and awestricken that even our first PPC investment returned more than break even. I want to suggest all small businesses like us to get their maximum share of online business by hiring SearchBerg as their digital service providers.

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