Unlike most SEO services that prefer to give clents pre-made packages, Wallaroo prefers a laser focused strategy when it comes to their clients. The company makes use of an integrated approach taking the latest SEO, content marketing, social media, digital PR, design trends and combines them with in-depth marketing analytics to come up with custom solutions their clients appreciate. With a Kangaroo as their mascot, you would think they have a blasé attitude towards their clients but the opposite is the case. The company takes itself seriously but does so with tongue in cheek humor that reduces formality and puts their clientele at ease.

The company does not cobble together services and present them in a neat package to their clients. They offer the same range of services that most do but they re-organize and tweak them according to client needs. With business and entertainment giants such as Disney, the Ritz-Carlton and Heirloom as their loyal clients and a 99% client retention rate, you know their strategies work. Wallaroo’s main aim is to increase ROI but they do so by putting effort into methods that they know will work for each client.

Their pricing can be described as mid-level for the average marketer and smaller businesses might find their price a bit high, but their services pretty much end up paying for themselves and more. The company won a number of awards this year alone which includes awards for best search engine optimization company, social media marketing company, content marketing company and others which proves their services are on par with their promise.

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